Kiss Him Goodbye review Jan 2023

A brilliant new song from Melbourne musician Catherine McQuade.  She’s been putting out such high quality music over the last couple of years. I don’t know where music like this goes in Australia, it’s so sophisticated, it’s so well written. it’s so well recorded, it’s so well performed.  Catherine is lifting the bar for musicians and songwriters putting out music in Australia/ the World.

            Dave Graney: 3RRR Banana Lounge Broadcasting  July 2022

Review Sydney City Hub Newspaper: Dec 2022

Catherine McQuade's new track Snow.  We’ve heard from this Melbourne based talented multi instrumentalist before on Blues Roots N Boots and she offers something quite unique. She is clearly not afraid to explore, to challenge and tease in this delightful Roots, Jazz, meets World outing.    

                                  Jon De Lawrence 101.9 Paradise FM

Sydney Sentinel 24/4/21

14 International Awards in total for Original Score: The Widow

Catherine McQuade has an accomplished background that any musician would envy. From her early days with The Ears, and Deckchairs Overboard to her vocals in the soundtrack of the TV series Sweet and Sour, Cathy has earned honoured respect from listeners and critics alike.

Cathy’s latest releases portray a lady who knows how to add refinement and subtlety into musical textures through sublime arrangements that will warm the heart and excite the senses. With the touch of silk and the smoothness of glass       

                   Michael Krilich:  Senior programmer FRESH FM