noir dream pop

Catherine's work as a solo artist creates an evocative world which explores 60's film scores, jazz, classical, Latin and electronica.  She creates a unique hybrid of uplifting melancholy and cool martini sipping textures.

Most commonly described as the next potential Bond theme, Catherine's music is spacious, luminous and darkly intimate.


From her earliest days as bass guitarist with post punk group THE EARS, who were featured in Richard Lowenstein's iconic film 'DOGS IN SPACE', Catherine has been equally at home in the studio and onstage. 

Years of touring and recording with DECKCHAIRS OVERBOARD saw her regarded as one of Sydney's finest bass players, as well as a sought after vocalist.  She was the singing voice for the character Christine in the ABC series 'SWEET and SOUR'.

Dipping into Jazz and Brazilian ( MELODIOUS THUNK)  and Cuban Music   (MUSICA LINDA and LA FAMILIA), and working professionally for several years as a bellydancer in Sydney have given Catherine a exotic palette of sounds, harmonic modes, and beats to infuse her compositions with.

RECENT projects


Returning to Melbourne after a long exile in Sydney, Catherine released her first solo CD, Perfect Storm in 2018. It's a sumptuous, genre bending melange of darkly wrought tales of love and loss.  Reaching across the globe, to include world class musicians spanning the realms of classical, jazz and various Latin flavours, the album defines Catherine's sound: lush, cinematic, poetic, and effortlessly melodic. 

Film Score

the widow

In 2018 Catherine composed and recorded the film score for 1/2 hour crime thriller The Widow. With a nod to Morricone and John Barry, Catherine's score has garnered 14 International Film Festival Awards to date. 

The Widow has been awarded over 180 International Awards. The full film is available to view on application.

In 2021 Catherine composed the scores for NY short film, FIRST DATE, and Sydney short film IINSPIRATION PLAINS.

Live Performance

Dr Hernandez

Catherine joined esteemed Melbourne Electro-Cumbia/Dub Reggae/ Boogaloo group Dr Hernandez in 2019. Regulars on the inner Melbourne scene, they toured Regional Victoria in late 2019 and released an album of original tracks,  Ochos Remedios.  



Catherine and her partner,  Brendan Young created a film clip for UK group CousteauX during Melbourne's Covid lockdown. Brendan directed, filmed and edited the clip.  Catherine created the wardrobe and acted.  

The clip has won 23 International awards including a BEST DEBUT PERFORMANCE for Catherine.

As the clip is still in the awards season, you need to enter the password Bloom245  to view.

Latest release

Life is elsewhere EP

Taken from the title of one of Milan Kundera's exquisite novels, Catherine's latest release features four tracks exploring the theme of wanderlust. As always the melancholy melodies are sweet while the lyrics are poignantly understated.