Video Concept and Production: SNOW

Peter Miller

Peter Miller is an Australian sound designer, musician, filmmaker and artist. The clip for Snow was digitally created as a homage to William Bentley, the first person to photograph a snowflake. 

Mix and Mastering engineer

Colin Wynne

Colin works with Catherine mastering all her solo work and mixing a selection of tracks. 

Colin is one of Australia's most experienced recording and mix engineers, having worked alongside the esteemed Mark Opitz for many years. 

Colin's studio,  Thirty Mill, is currently being rebuilt, in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Australia.

Brendan Young


Brendan Young is an internationally awarded director of drama, documentaries, ads and music videos.  He has a particular interest in performers and has created and directed documentaries on subversive performers and the worlds they inhabit.  

Brendan has directed two clips for Catherine,  for her first single Sweet Sorrow and her new release Life is Elsewhere. Brendan is Catherine's partner in crime and creativity. 

Guest Players

SNOW : Single

Daniel Waldron: Oboe

Craig Miller: Congas


Guest players

life is elsewhere EP

Dave Graney: Guitar, vocals

Clare Moore: Vibraphone, vocals

Leo Dale: Barritone sax

Penny Ikinger: Guitar feedback

Davey Ray Moor: Drum programming

Linley Hindmarsh: Piano

Michael Davis: Drums

Jen Hawley: Guitar

Peter Morrissey: Guitar

Talulah Yunkers: Violincello

Guest contributors

Tongue-tied single

Letitia McQuade: Videographer

Pete Mitchell: Tenor Sax

Michael Davis: Drums

John Clifforth: Guitar

Guest players

Perfect Storm LP

Michael Davis: Drums

Lazaro Ernesto Numa Pompa: Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Linley Hindmarsh: Piano

Pete Mitchell: Tenor Sax

Ceyun Gunes:  Acoustic Guitar

Ken Campbell: Electric Guitar

Bradley Johnson: Acoustic Guitar

George Washingmachine: Violin

Clare O'Meara: Accordion

Barton Price: Drums

Talulah Yunkers: Violincello